Co-operative Capitalism is The New Economy at The CEO Space Forum with Berny Dorhmann


Berny Dorhmann is the Chairman and Founder of CEO Space – the worlds largest and oldest private invite only community of CEO’s who are commited to helping each other build each others business through co-operation. He teaches us why competitive capitalism does not work and how you can not only build build your business, but change the economic model of business in the world.




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  1. How did you like the video?

  2. Garrett Moore says:

    Louis that was a really great video. I learned about this new network and I want to be apart of it in a major way. Louis can you please give me the Fund Busting Training. Last year I started my Fashion Company with purely Unemployment checks to run it. I had success made a splash in my community placed my brand in 2 popular stores and saw success. Fast forward to now the checks got cut off I’m not working on anything in my industry and I’m pushing an opportunity from an energy company to supplement my income to get back to square 1. I need to be at this CEO Space because I need to reinvent my brand. I’m ready Louis will you help me?

    Garrett S. Moore

  3. Israel Jacob says:

    It wasn’t a video! So I’m not sure whether I like it or not. Because it wasn’t a video, but an audio.

    • Israel, the video is on top. Just hit the play button and you will see it is a video, we both appear after the intro. The audio only is below the video that you can stream live or download to your computer.

  4. Horatio says:


    I’m in!

  5. Charles Mui says:

    Hey Louis when should I do my interview?

  6. Abhaynath says:

    I am a freelancer HR Consultant and Developmentalist from Mumbai, India with around 30 years of Service to community. Can the CEOSpace network help us in India; those who can’t afford huge network fees in US$ since Indian Rupee is having a free fall and small entrepreneurs are having tough competitions from Big five Consultants moving in their space ?

  7. Adel Hosny says:

    Iam 61y , Marine Environmental Consultant , I spent half of my life in marine and 2ed half in environment ,, if u like to use my experience ,, I am ready ,, I can send u my cv.
    kind regards

    • do you have an email so i can contact you…. definitely need your expertise in your current field…. add me on facebook garvier mackey and inbox me your email so we can talk (pertains to fish farming)

  8. Mark says:

    Hey Louis,

    Fantastic Video. As they say your “Network equals your Net worth.” I just have a question would CEO Space work with someone who is in the Real Estate Investment Industry? I

    • Thanks Mark! I have seen Real Estate Investors there are many investors there looking for investment opportunities and those who didn’t even realize they are looking for investment opportunities. So you will probably find possible investors there and also other people in Real Estate to do deals with as well. I have participated in a Real Estate deal from there and if fact always looking for a good deal.

      • Mark says:

        Awesome, I am interested in learning and connecting with other investors to partner with on apartment deals here in the AZ market.

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