From the Desk of  Louis Lautman

If you’re the type of person who knows it’s your time to break free, and you’re ready to take a stand and finally get the results you and your family deserve… what I’m about to share with you will be the most important story you will ever read. Look, I know what you’re going through and I feel your pain. You’ve spent countless hours on training webinars and conference calls, you’ve bought enough info-products and courses to fill a high-school library, and you’ve put more energy towards building your business than you have put towards your family lately… AND YOU’RE STILL NOT GETTING RESULTS! And if you’re anything like me before I learned the secret, you’ve been constantly replaying this plaguing question inside your head for years: “What’s wrong with me, and why can’t I make money like the “gurus” I see online and the top earners I see on stage?!?” It’s this constant, nagging, draining question that keeps 95% of network marketers broke. Luckily for you, a small group of elite entrepreneurs, all 6 and 7-Figure income earners, have figured out the answer to this detrimental question, and it’s time you learn the truth. But first, let’s take a little trip down memory lane… It was early 2005, and I just joined my first ever network marketing company not knowing anything about networking or marketing. But boy was I pumped! I was going to make all of THE money in the world so fast, I was going to buy the cars, the houses, the vacations, help my friends and family out, give back to charities, EVERYTHING. It didn’t happen exactly as planned. I found this industry through a tiny little google ppc advertisement, so that’s the form of marketing I wanted to learn first. My sponsor referred me to a google adwords training book, which I purchased immediately, devoured, and implemented. I spent roughly 3 straight weeks of on average 14 hours days setting up accounts with tens of thousands of keywords and hundreds of ads, and I was ready to rock! The result: about $3,000 in credit card debt to max out my ONLY credit card at the time with ZERO results to show for it. (keep in mind that I’m 23 at the time making less than $2,000 per month as a bartender and broke musician). My sponsor at the time was making about $60,000 per month, and very hard to get on the phone…. I begged, pleaded, and annoyed him until he finally agreed to give me 5 minutes and take a look at my adwords account to see if he could tell what I was doing wrong. I gave him my adwords login and within a 5 minute conversation on the phone, he was able to shift one little thing in my entire adwords approach, and overnight I started getting 20+ laser-targeted BUYERS to my websites, and I started building my first organization in the network marketing arena. How did that happen?

It was access… He was my part of my new mastermind group and 5 minutes was all I needed on the phone with him.


Let’s move forward to circa mid-2007… I still hadn’t yet turned a profit with my business, and yet I dropped $8,000 to get to a seminar that I couldn’t afford because my sponsor told me I had to be there. Now I was making sales and signing up distributors at this point, but I still wasn’t even close to breaking even after working for over 2 years of literally 60-80+ hour weeks on my business. With the tiny team I had acquired, I didn’t quite understand how to inspire and motivate them to take action. I was hand-holding my new reps, answering all their questions, and enabling them to count on me for answers they could have easily gotten from a million other sources without needing my assistance. I remember it getting so bad at one point because I wanted success for my team probably more than they wanted success for themselves, that days would go by where I was on the phone 1 on 1 with my team, hand-holding, attending to support questions, and dealing with their problems instead of acting as their leader and taking my business to the next level. While at this $8,000 conference, I was able to hang out “behind-the-scenes” with guys and gals who were consistently pulling in over $100,000 PER MONTH with their businesses, and I knew that I had to take advantage of this situation and soak up as much knowledge from these rockstars as humanly possible. And that’s exactly what I did… I proceeded to go around the room and ask every single top earner their biggest secrets to building leaders and fostering an army of warriors that take action instead of a team of children who complain all day… this was the problem I was seeing in my business. I got their answers, and it drastically changed how I approached team building, duplication, and building leaders within my organization. 60 days following this conference, my team had made more sales than in the previous 2 years combined. How did this happen?

It was access…I was able to spend just 30 minutes getting my personal questions answered by my new mastermind group of a handful of 6 and 7-Figure earners.

Let’s move forward one more time to early 2008… Now here’s the probably the most pivotal point in my entire career, and it happened at a live event (go figure). In 2008 I picked up a course by Mike Dillard called “Magnetic Sponsoring.” For the first time ever I am now learning about this whole “attraction marketing concept,” leading with value, building relationships first, funded proposals, multiple income streams, and it shifted forever how I saw and approached my business… and I could feel something big was right around the corner. Everything started making sense. It was like the blinds had been lifted and I finally understood what the “gurus” were keeping from me. I rapidly started learning about creating my own websites, using dreamweaver, html, ftp, creating my own sales funnels, bootcamps, EVERYTHING, and it was all focused around this new concept of attraction marketing. And before I flipped the switch and turned all of my marketing over to test if this “attraction marketing” thing was going to work for me, I had to hop on a plane to head to yet another company event. Guess who was there? Mike Dillard! Guess who I sought out the entire weekend? Mike Dillard! Guess who was able to ask him just a few questions inside a tiny 3-minute window before we were interrupted and he got bombarded by other Dillard fans? BINGO… ME 🙂 And do you know what happened in that brief 3 minute conversation with a leader that would go on to change the course of my life forever?

He gave me the answers I needed to hear…

I got home and turned on my marketing embracing attraction marketing for the first time, and… I HAD MY VERY FIRST MONTH OF PROFIT… It wasn’t $100 bucks… It wasn’t $500 bucks… It wasn’t $1,000… IT WAS $30,000 IN PROFIT IN 30 DAYS! (FYI: the full 3 years prior in this industry I had wound up about $30,000 in debt) And fast-forward a few months, I meet Todd and Norbert at a live event, MLSP is born, and the rest as they say is history. How did this happen? It was access… Mike via Magnetic Sponsoring and Traffic Formula 1 was now a part of my new mastermind group even though I had not met him yet… he was a 7-Figure Earner… and the first 3 minutes with him changed my life. When I look back, 3 of the most pivotal moments in my life and financial career, after now having built a multi-million dollar business, boils down to just one thing…


It was ACCESS to someone, if even for only a matter of minutes, to an expert who could answer my personal questions… the questions I needed answered for me at that specific point in my business. * Did they give me the underground, magic-pill, google lead generation tool? Not exactly * Did they hand me their bullet-proof, time-tested, team building strategy? Not quite * Did they toss over to me the #1 hidden secret to making attraction marketing work? Not really




It was this ACCESS that shifted my entire life and perception of the problems I was facing. And it was just a 1 degree shift in each of the stories above… How powerful can a 1 degree shift be to your life and your business? *** AT 211 DEGREES, WATER IS HOT… AT 212 DEGREES WATER BOILS… AND STEAM FROM BOILING WATER CAN POWER A LOCOMOTIVE FROM SAN FRANCISCO TO NEW YORK… A 1 DEGREE DIFFERENCE *** We are human after all, and if you’re like me, then you’re a very “hands-on” visual learner who at times requires 1-on-1 attention… For example, have you even been on a webinar and you understood the content, but you just wished you could have 10 minutes with the trainer so you could ask some loose-end questions that are coming up for you? Just a little 1-on-1 attention for you personally and then you could go take on the world?! I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! It is because of this ONE-ON-ONE access I continually sought out over the last 7 years that have kept me in the game… it was the power of a mastermind… and it was the one-on-one attention that I received that got me where I am today. And now I’ve BROKEN FREE! And YOU deserve to have these experiences, don’t you?! In the above story, I shared 3 experiences that added up to less than 39 minutes… Yet I attribute the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that I have earned over the last 7 years to those 39 minutes! So here’s my question to you brave warrior… What if I gave you 39 minutes with 6 and 7-Figure earners so that you could have similar life-changing experiences where you got ONE-ON-ONE attention, and you were able to get YOUR questions answered so you could get the solutions to YOUR specific problems just like I have been doing since 2005?! Instead of 39 minutes of a life-altering experience like this, how about a complete and transformational 3-Full-Day Retreat where you get to corner some of the brightest minds in our industry, we work on your specific marketing funnel, and we get all of YOUR questions asked?! IT’S CALLED TOTAL IMMERSION… TOTAL ONE-ON-ONE ACCESS… WE GET YOUR QUESTIONS ASKED… THIS IS YOUR NEW ALL-STAR MASTERMIND TEAM FOR AN ENTIRE 72 HOURS… Introducing, for 2012, mlsp

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The MLSP Retreat is essentially like taking the best surgeons on the planet and having them perform every massive surgery you can think of on a human being to engineer the most super-human bad-ass super hero ever built… one that is indestructible, never sleeps, and works for you 24×7! This is exactly what we’re going to do to your marketing blueprint, websites, sales funnels, videos, copywriting, increasing conversions, blogs, analytics, recruiting, team building, leadership, awaken the all-powerful Leader that is sleeping inside of you, EVERYTHING! The one-on-one access, the masterminding, and the potential JV partners you will meet is EXACTLY what will help you finally break free!!! This type of experience and access is the ONLY reason you’re even here reading this letter because without this type of experience, I wouldn’t be here!





check “Create Your Own Irresistible Offer LIVE!”

You will learn how to put together and implement your very own profitable offer that cranks out cash on demand! You will walk out of this retreat with your very own offer and a proven “cookie-cutter” process for creating as many fun, high-converting, profitable, front-end offers as you want! This is a process, and a skill, that you can use and re-use to make you rich over the course of your life.

check“The Ultimate Sales Funnel LIVE!” Want to start creating your very own sales funnels that convert like wildfire? You will learn how to not only create and implement a sales funnel that moves people to take action (and buy), but you will learn the highly guarded 7-Figure tricks and tactics to skyrocket conversions so you leave absolutely no money on the table.

“The Magical Traffic Blueprint LIVE!” Once your offers, websites, and sales funnels are set-up, now it’s time to GET TRAFFIC! We’ll dive into ALL forms of marketing including content creation, everything FaceBook marketing including PPC, sponsored stories, fan pages and landing tabs, SEO, blogging, articles, video marketing, EVERYTHING so that you understand how to drive massive amounts of laser-targeted traffic to your websites.

c“Master Sponsoring LIVE” We’ll dive into the ONLY real money-making activity for network marketers, period. We’ll have on hand a #1 income earner in his primary company, another gentleman who’s built an organization of over 10,000+ (and growing), and a woman who’s one of the top recruiters in her company in all of North America. Without mastering this skill, it doesn’t matter how many leads you can generate!

“Unleash Your Inner Greatness LIVE” This retreat is going to challenge you at your deepest inner core. You will participate in exercises and experiences that will break you down and force you to step into your own greatness. You will eliminate all of the subconscious barriers you have created inside your mind that are holding you back, but don’t even realize exist. We guarantee you will walk away from the retreat an entirely different person, which is exactly what has to happen if you want to take your business to the next level!

Friday, February 10th Arrival is in the evening and we’ll have a meet & greet so you can get to know your mastermind classmates, speakers, and trainers! You’re about to share this 3-day life-altering experience with this very intimate group of entrepreneurs, and the bonds, business relationships, and potential JV partnerships and long-term friendships that form from this retreat will be priceless. Saturday, February 11th All-Day Workshop and intimate breakout sessions. Last year this training day went past 2 AM… talk about a MASTERMIND! Sunday, February 12th Continued from Saturday… More intense training all day! Monday, February 13th All-Day Workshop and intimate breakout sessions The retreat ends officially on Monday at 5:00 PM, so plan your flights accordingly!



IF you want additional social proof to see if the MLSP Private Mastermind Retreat is right for you, or if it’s worth it to INVEST IN YOURSELF and COME TO THIS RETREAT, feel free to see what happened at last year’s mastermind retreat in Cancun, Mexico…

DISCLAIMER: Some of the following videos will bring you to tears.

SHOULD YOU COME? Why you can't afford to not BE AT MLSP'S UPCOMING RETREAT... Our leaders speak out!
WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? What can you expect at the MLSP Mastermind Retreat? THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!
THIS MOMENT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE - The Ah-Ha moment that will radically change your business… YOU MUST HAVE THIS IF YOU WANT SUCCESS!
BREAKTHROUGH - ARE YOU READY? The MLSP Retreat will help you BREAKTHROUGH! Watch Lisa BREAKTHROUGH right in front of you...
THEIR BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS - Is the MLSP Retreat Real?! Take a listen to some of the biggest takeaways last year's attendees received!
ARE YOU READY TO BREAKTHROUGH? One of Jennifer's breakthroughs caught on tape… this retreat will TAKE YOUR BUSINESS, AND LIFE, TO THE NEXT LEVEL!
CANCUN, MEXICO - While 2012's retreat won't be in Cancun, Mexico, you can see the type of luxurious spots where we host these retreats...
WHAT IS THE MLSP RETREAT? If our attendees could sum up the MLSP Retreat in one word, here it is… THIS VIDEO WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!

The Trainers

Ray Higdon – The Rock & Sponsoring Master, MLSP EMT & L5 Leader, Industry Top Earner

Ray went from near foreclosure to $40,000 a month in 7 months with network marketing. Ray consistently creates content for his blog, which gets over 1,000,000 hits per month, posting almost one piece of content every single day, and sometimes more (hence, his nickname “The Rock”). Ray will dig deep into how he stays so consistent with content creation, where he gets his content ideas, his daily method of operation, and any and all conversion tricks he uses inside of his marketing arsenal that has allowed him to become the #1 income earner in his primary company. You may even get a 45 minute intense session on sponsoring!

Michelle Pescosolido – The FaceBook Queen, MLSP EMT & L4 Leader, Industry Top Earner Michelle is widely known as the queen of FaceBook, and for good reason. She’s been able to build a 6-Figure Business in 6-Months ALL via FaceBook marketing and has recently created a product entitled “Social Media Mastery” that unveils everything she knows about making money with FaceBook. Michelle will be digging deep into her bread and butter, FB Marketing, and showing you how to generate 30+ leads per day on FaceBook, PPC, exposing sponsored stories and “Like” ads, fan pages, landing tabs, increasing your FB conversions, EVERYTHING FaceBook… FB is an absolute goldmine if you do what Michelle will teach you!

Rob Fore – The SEO Wizard, MLSP EMT & L5 Leader, Industry Top Earner Rob is a well-known speaker, trainer, verified firewalker instructor, master NLP practitioner, personal development coach, and has built a team in one company to over 10,000 active distributors world wide. Rob is the man when it comes to getting your content ranked on the first page of google… approximately 50% of his content creeps it’s way up onto the first page of google! Rob will be training on a handful of topics including SEO, plug-ins for wordpress, tricks to get your content ranked, article marketing secrets including spinning, sales funnel creation, and much more.

Jim Fanale – The Baddest Designer in Town, Creative Director at MLSP Jim Fanale is widely known as the most talented graphics designer in the industry today, and has worked as senior multimedia specialist for NASA, has had clients such as Shell, Microsoft, Lions Gate Films, BET, and more. Jim has personally designed blogs for some of the highest paid income earners in the game today along with corporate sites that do millions of dollars in revenue year after year. Jim will be working with you to help design and put into place your very own offer that will help you stand out from the crowd! In today’s internet world, if your graphics don’t look sharp, pro, and make you stand out, your prospects will move on to someone who does.

Norbert Orlewicz – The Man with the Plan, MLSP Co-Founder Norbert struggled for 6 years in the network marketing space, and when he came online and found attraction marketing, his very first year he earned well over 6-Figures. The reason he was able to achieve such rapid success through the internet is because he had a game plan, a roadmap, that allowed him to scientifically drive laser-targeted traffic to his websites. Norbert will be speaking on overall marketing strategy and putting all of the pieces together so that you can build a profitable business that churns out cash for you even while you sleep!


Brian Fanale – The Master Copywriter & Funnel Creator, MLSP Co-Founder
Brian Fanale struggled his first 3 years in the industry, and ended up roughly $30,000 in debt because he wasn’t embracing attraction marketing. After understanding and implementing the attraction marketing principles taught inside of MLSP, he raked in $30,000 in profit his very first month! Brian has spent tens of thousands of dollars on copywriting courses, has created some of the highest converting capture pages and sales funnels in the industry (his sites have generated more than 1.5 Million leads), and he’ll be digging deep into copywriting, sales funnel creation, boosting your conversions, and helping you in creating your very own offers, capture pages, websites, and sales

*** With a new MLSP development that will be available before the new year, you will be able to implement EVERYTHING you learn at the retreat easier than you ever dreamed possible. For those who understand the power of an ALL-ACCESS PRIVATE MASTERMIND with this caliber of leadership, you should be salivating at the bit and shaking just thinking about what you’re going to have access to and what you’re about to experience over the course of these 3 days… Understand that some of the trainers who will be training you at this retreat have charged $1,000 PER HOUR of coaching… IF you get one of the seats before we’re sold out, you get direct access to ALL OF THESE TRAINERS FOR 72 HOURS STRAIGHT! You do the math 😉 But we’re not done yet… Check out these bonuses you get when you buy your MLSP Private Mastermind Retreat Ticket:

An unbelievable 3-Day / 4-Night All-Access Private Mastermind Experience at a 4-Star Resort where you will get private, intimate, hands-on training from some of the most established internet network marketers in the game today.

This is by far the most intense, all-inclusive, “take-you-by-the-hand” internet marketing course you can get your hands in the network marketing industry complete with q&a. We highly recommend that you get through all 10 modules before attending the retreat to get the max out of your mastermind experience!

Before the retreat itself, you will get 2 2-Hour Group Coaching Sessions that will best prepare you for the retreat of a lifetime! This training will ensure that you are set-up properly in order to get the maximum benefits from the Mastermind Retreat. *** We highly recommend that you go through all 10 Modules of the Leadership Intensive ASAP once you’ve purchased your ticket, and then you will be more than prepared for what we’ll uncover at the retreat.

The event of the year for network marketers! In the fall of 2012 enjoy a VIP Elite ALL-ACCESS Pass to “Live the Dream 3!” You’ll get to network with all of the speakers and leaders from Live the Dream at the VIP Parties, enjoy VIP Seating, and attend “LTD3” in style!


Our good friend Mark Hoverson is hosting a LIVE event the Friday of our Meet & Greet, and he’s allowed us to invite YOU! Imagine spending all day Friday with one of the best direct response marketers in the game, and then coming to our retreat ready with your ideas for your own information product and we help implement! PRICELESS!



There’s not much more to say…

You either get it or you don’t… If this letter and my story spoke to you directly and you understand the power of an ALL-ACCESS MASTERMIND RETREAT of this caliber, then you know that you have to do whatever it takes to ATTEND THIS MASTERMIND RETREAT. You’ve paid your dues. You’ve put in the countless hours of work. You’ve spent thousands of dollars already with very little to show for it… and now, you’re ready… to have an all-access experience similar to the experiences that radically changed my life and allowed me to build an $11,000,000 company in 3 years. I want YOU to enjoy the freedom I’ve created in your own life… I want YOU to have the choices I now have in your own life… I want YOU to build your life by design the same way I’ve been able to… I guarantee it’s NOT going to happen without an all-access intimate experience like this… Trust me, I’ve tried it 😉

39 Minutes of ACCESS to Leaders Changed My Life Forever… IMAGINE WHAT 3 FULL DAYS WILL DO FOR YOURS!

The person you will become after this weekend retreat is the person you must morph into if you want to achieve the results you’ve never achieved. Our MLSP team is taking a stand for your greatness and giving you the opportunity to break away from the masses and step into your greatness… and stack all the cards in your favor for all-out massive success with your business! Remember this moment because it’s decision time… the decision you make RIGHT NOW as you’re reading this sentence is going to effect your family for generations to come. I simply ask that you choose wisely… It simply boils down to how badly you want it… And for the 10 lucky leaders who scoop up a ticket to this retreat before it sells out, I cannot wait to be a part of the weekend experience that changes your life.   Your Friend,   Louis Lautman Transformational Artist and Lifestyle Designer