The Prosperity Power is You

DVD & Workbook by Louis Lautman

Governments can never create prosperity; they can only squander it. Your boss, the government, or economy can’t control your prosperity unless you let them. To manifest prosperity, you have to redefine yourself from a recipient to a co-creator. With The Prosperity Power is You DVD album you’ll learn exactly how to do that.

In this revealing session you’ll discover:

  • How to manifest prosperity from the inside;
  • Why government squanders your prosperity;
  • The three elements that create a prosperity cycle for yourself;
  • Why belief determines the actions you take;
  • Why your surroundings are never working against you;
  • Why you may belief there is a gain in being a victim;
  • How to eliminate victimhood forever; and,
  • The 7 steps to creating true prosperity consciousness!