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Prosperity Products

Full Length Feature Film by Louis Lautman

The YES Movie has been called “The Secret” on Steroids meets MTV. This inspirational blockbuster film exposes the secrets of today’s youngest millionaires. The 82-minute DVD shares the rousing stories of several entrepreneurs who hit the million dollar mark before they were 18 and exposes the strategies that they used to build their fortune.

Human consciousness and paradigm’s shift as the secret of young entrepreneur’s success is revealed on screen throughout the movies commentary.

Audio Remixx CD by Louis Lautman & Roy Smoothe

Louis Lautman has teamed up with Producer Roy Smoothe to Remixx the entire sound track to the blockbuster film, The YES Movie. Roy created 40 hot tracks out of the entire dialogue of the film with techno, jazz, blues, hip hop, dance and electronic Mixxes.

This 2 CD album will have you dancing and learning at the same time. The Smoothe Mixx is the perfect audio track to listen to by yourself in your car or on the run on your ipod, or with family and friends at a party. Experience education and fun like never before.



Book by Louis Lautman

This heartwarming parable chronicles the story of a little lion cub growing up in the jungle that wondered why all the animals never played with each other. When he leaves his lion cave he learns many lessons and finds that he can play with all the animals of the kingdom.

As he travels through the jungle, he embarks upon the Enchanted Forrest where all the animals are playing with each other. After falling in love and getting so excited about the possibilities, he leaves the Enchanted Forrest to tell the world that it exists.

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Audio CD Home Study Course by Louis Lautman

Louis believes that there are two parts of success in business and in life, the Inner Game and the Outer Game. The first part of this program helps you align your values, thoughts, beliefs and vision with your core desires and true identity. The second part of this program deals with business building strategies that will help accelerate your business growth, including the following topics:

  • Prospecting
  • Building Rapport
  • Qualifying
  • Presenting
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Opening New Relationships
  • Building a Referral Network

16 Disc Audio Business Builder Program, $497 $197 16 Disc Audio Business Builder Program
16 Disc Audio Business Builder Program, $99 Download 16 Disc Audio Business Builder Program, $99 Download

Book by Louis Lautman

This book will help you awaken your natural creativity. Louis believes that we are all Sales Geniuses; we just need to learn how to tap into that creativity to access our true brilliance. After following this book for one month, you too will have unleashed your inner greatness to serve more people and have more fun in the process.

Book by Louis Lautman

There are truths no matter what country you are in and regardless of who is observing that are consistent throughout the ages. These timeless truths are know as Universal Laws and Louis Lautman has collected over 100 of his favorite truths in a simple to read, understand and use book. If you want to become a master of your life, this book is a must read.

Book by Louis Lautman

After interviewing over 50 of the nations most successful young self made multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, Louis decided to put their main strategies into a simple to read Book. This book highlights 5 top strategies used consistently among the top producers regardless of their industry and their background.