Slum Dog or Millionaire

How You Manifest Prosperity over Lack

DVD and Workbook by Louis Lautman

The thing you have to realize is that you don’t get the prosperity you deserve – you get the prosperity you think you deserve.

The deal is not your self-worth. It’s your
perceived self-worth.

So for this program we’ll look at how you may lose confidence in yourself and develop worthiness issues. And the worthiness question is the biggest issue people face when it comes to manifesting their prosperity.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • 7 external factors that could cause you to lower your self-worth;
  • The two “prime directives” you’re programmed with that cause self-sabotage;
  • A checklist of 11 things to improve your self-worth;
  • 6 actions steps to expand your prosperity consciousness; and,
  • How to protect yourself from negative beliefs.

The great news is you get to choose: You can be the slum dog or the millionaire. This powerful program will show you how to protect your self-worth, eliminate worthiness issues, and expand your prosperity consciousness to build a bigger vision and acceptance for yourself.

Slum Dog or Millionaire
   By Louis Lautman

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