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“How James Got His Business on 2000 Websites
on Google in 4 Weeks”

And how this one simple strategy landed him a $805,000 client…



James is a regular guy running a small business.

“Getting the phone to ring” with new clients was a constant problem for him.

That was until Kerwin Rae showed him how to get his business on 2000 websites on Google in just 4 weeks.

James followed Kerwin’s simple step-by-step instructions…
And voila!…
He instantly became a recognised ‘authority’ in his field.

That’s because when people ‘Googled’ his area of expertise…there he was!
The best part….
A ‘hot lead’ found James on Google and needed his expertise for a consulting project.

And, because of his Google profile he was the only person they wanted to work with.
The Result?
In just 2 weeks James signed a deal worth $805,000

This changed his life forever….

After all…imagine how you would feel after signing up a $805,000 client?

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But it’s not just James experiencing these sorts of results… 

  • Daniel used this strategy to rank #1 on Google almost overnight – out of 219 Million possible websites!

  • Mark’s currently got his website ranking #2 on the first page of Google. Meanwhile…

  • Kerwin got on the 1st page of Google for a hot keyword in the ultra competitive marketing niche

Would ranking on the 1st page of Google allow you to attract more high quality leads… that are eager to buy?
You betcha!
Not only that…this strategy will allow you build your prospect list up to 3 times
faster… because you’ve got floods of traffic coming to your website.
And here’s the exciting news for you…
In just one evening, Kerwin Rae will show you this simple strategy…step by step…so you
enjoy these sort of results in as little as 4 weeks.

That’s right…in just 4 weeks you could potentially have ‘pride of place’ on the first page of Google.

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And, it gets better…
You DON’T need to understand complicated ‘S.E.O’ …
or spend a fortune on advertising…

That’s because this strategy is close to FREE. In fact, it’s costs less than $200.

This is ‘cheap as chips’ when you consider it could land you literally dozens of new clients.

Think of James…he got a $805,000 client, for this ridiculously small investment.

And, thankfully it’s so simple you can do it easily…even if you’re completely baffled by new technology.

That’s why if you run a business…or you’re thinking of starting one…

You need to be at the 4 Week Client Attraction System Seminar.

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That’s because in just 90 minutes you will discover how to…

Flood your brand all over Google…like a ‘Big Name Celebrity’…or a “Fortune 500 Company”…in as little as 4 weeks
Get 100′s – even 1000′s – of hot new leads from Google. Yet, surprisingly it’s ‘dirt cheap’ to do
Build a dominant Google Brand. Rank on the 1st page of Google—even on competitive keywords
Become known as the ‘proven authority’ in your field…because you’re a dominant name with lots of listings on Google.
Get other people to gladly endorse you on Google.This is the best form of advertising because other people are saying it…not you.
Attract stacks of new clients who pay ‘top dollar’ for your services…because you’re recognised as the top player in your field.
Build your list up to 3 times faster. Because you’re getting so much more traffic.
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How 1 Simple Website Virtually ‘Automates’
The Whole System for You

You may think this 4 Week Client Attraction System will take a lot of time and hard work.

But, thankfully nothing could be further from the truth!

Yes, you’ll need to put in some energy to get the ball rolling.

But, after that…there’s one simple website that virtually automates the whole process for you.

This simple website is the key to you getting your business on 2000 websites on Google in 4 weeks.
And at the 4 Week Client Attraction System Seminar Kerwin will reveal this simple
website…and show you how it does most of the work for you.

Yes, Greg! I want to attend the Client Attraction System
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Imagine….Your business flooded all over Google
– Just like a “Big Name” celebrity or a Fortune 500 company…

The fact is… once you apply this simple strategy…suddenly your name is flooded all
over Google like you’re a big name celebrity or a fortune 500 company …
Your competitors will not know what’s hit them!
Little do they know you were able to completely flood Google with
your brand…in less than 4 weeks…for an investment of less than $200.
And the most exciting part is…
You can discover this strategy completely FREE
at the new Client Attraction System evening seminar…

And rest assured, Kerwin won’t hold anything back.

You’ll discover how to do this strategy step-by-step so you can get started right away…
So, obviously the only sane thing to do now is…
Secure your seat to this free event. Because it’s much better that you take
advantage of this ‘Google dominance’ strategy…than your competitors, right?

Louis Lautman 

Transformational Artist

Lifestyle Designer and Philosopher

Louis Lautman is a Millionaire Business owner, bestselling    author & International speaker.

His experience comes from  starting several multi-million dollar businesses & studying the mindset and strategies of 900 of the richest people in the world.

So he’s a genuine expert on the fastest ways to create massive wealth in business.

20,000 people across the world have flocked to his seminars and  he regularly speaks alongside luminaries such  as Anthony Robbins, Lord Alan Sugar and even his client and friend, the legendary Wolf of Wall Street.

He’s helped his S.M.E and home-based business clients make literally tens of millions of     dollars—often with a ‘shoe string budget’.

Louis is the author of “The Entrepreneurial Apprentice” training system and co-author      of the bestselling series “Secrets   of Marketing Experts   Exposed”.

Louis has been featured heavily    in the  Media internationally, including      The Australian,  The Sydney Morning Herald, The Financial Review, ThinkBig Magazine,  Australian Marketing Magazine, Qantas Business & is regular on Talk Back Radio in Australia.


Louis’ student Mark is on       the 1st page on Google – out      of over 27 Million web pages…

How Daniel used this strategy to get on the 1st page of Google – almost overnight!


Louis In The Media

International Financial Expert “Harry Dent” endorses Louis

The Legendary ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ raves about Louis

The Common Trait of 900 Of The World’s Wealthiest
People – Revealed

Louis will also reveal what he’s discovered through researching over 900 of the world’s richest people.

The #1 thing difference in their attitude to money they all had. When you hear this you’ll be shocked at how simple it is. Yet no one’s talking about this…


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